Pumpkin Toss III
The third toss will happen at or around 2:45pm (PST) on November 26, 2003
It will occur in the park behind Fluid Componenets International (click for map)
It will last until we all get bored, or the trebuchet breaks (we'll be eventually
attempting to launch with 112 lbs) which we were originally not going to try until
we reinforced our levelarm, and in initial tests, show quite a bend. It'll definately
be something you wont want to miss!

There will be room for all, so tell your friends and family.
If you need transportation to and/or from the event, contact Neal (Email removed for spider purposes)
and we'll see what we can do. However, we only have limited capacity
in our vehicles so first come first served!

The third launch went off without a hitch! here are pictures/movies, theyll be prettified later.
Launch 3 Movie 1
Launch 3 Movie 2
Launch 3 Movie 3
Launch 3 Movie 4
Launch 3 Movie 5
Launch 3 Movie 6
Launch 3 Movie 7
Launch 3 Movie 8
Launch 3 Photo 9
Launch 3 Photo 10
Launch 3 Photo 11
Launch 3 Photo 12
Launch 3 Photo 13
Launch 3 Movie 14
Launch 3 Movie 15
Launch 3 Movie 16
Launch 3 Photo 17
Launch 3 Photo 18